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interior restoration

restauracion volante
restauracion interiores

The restoration of plastic and leather seats is a cheaper method if we take into account what it costs to reupholster or change a piece of the interior. With the restoration, the color and texture with which it leaves the factory is also maintained apart from the original piece.


  • Flyer: from €70

  • Gear knob: from €20

  • Handbrake knob: from €20

  • Seat (front part): from €150

  • Partial seat: from €50

  • Armrests, door knob: from €50

  • Save color threads- priced individually

  • Plastic restoration (dashboard, doors, etc.) individual price, from €50 (large details)

Service time: to be assessed by the restorer depending on the state of the piece.

The prices do not include IVA

To book an appointment, a deposit of 20% is required.

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