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Corrections and polishes


Polishing and polishing in just 1 step, we get rid of marring and swirls.         

3-5 microns   (From €400)


Correction in two steps, first rotary step with wool and second refined step with rotorbital, eliminating deeper scratches and slightly smoothing the varnish.

8-14 microns  (From €500)

Our correction and polishing services include: interior and exterior cleaning, decontamination and nourishment of plastics and rubber.

Service time: 2-4 days

The prices do not include IVA

To book an appointment, a deposit of 20% is required.



3 steps, 1 step of rotary and wool, doubling the time that would be used by 80%, refining with rotorbital and final polishing step with rotary or orbital, depending on the hardness of the varnish, thus smoothing the orange peel much more and creating the desired mirror effect.

15-20 microns  (From €700)


The same as 95% but adding a previous step, a total of 4 correction phases, the first being with a rotary machine and a denim pad, thus achieving the notorious smoothing of the varnish, reducing orange peel to unequaled levels, leaving a much smoother surface. and flat.

25-35 microns (From €900)

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